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Project Management

We are offering upper process project management and web direction service in both Japanese and English.

  • Enterprise System
  • Web or Apps for Both corporation and individuals
  • (Portfolio)
    ・ Development of Banking System & Project Management in ERP(SAP)
    ・ Review of Work of IT Consultants from Major IT Consulting farms (Dentsu, Fujitsu, NTT Data, etc.)
    ・ Advice on core system Banking development
project management


We are offering development services of Web & Apps

  • Planning:Meetings with Clients to discuss what they want to accomplish with the web & app development
  • Design:Our design team will create web and app designs as well as wireframes
  • Development & Testing:Once the design is completed, our development team will code and test to verify functions
  • Maintenance:We will help you to update your web and apps after launching the web or update existing webs.


Consulting & Seminar

We are offering strategic consulting to brush up for the creation of new services to someone for such as "I want to create new products and services but I don't know where to start", or to improve business though consultations to solve a case such as "I do not know how to solve problems within companies" In addition, we also offer seminar and lecture request.

seminar&event guest

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